Discover the Full Schedule: DU Academic Calendar 2024 Now Available


Exciting News: University of Delhi Unveils Academic Calendar for 2024 – Stay Informed with the Latest Updates!

The University of Delhi has unveiled the academic calendar for 2024, specifically for MA courses in Hindu Studies, Korean, and Chinese, as well as for BA LLB (Hons), BBA LLB (Hons), and various other courses. According to the released schedule, Semester 1 classes are set to commence on November 20, 2023, with the conclusion of classes, preparatory leave, and the conduct of practical examinations scheduled from March 8, 2024, to March 15, 2024. Detailed information can be accessed on the official website for students to review.


The academic timetable encompasses courses such as BA LLB (Hons), BBA LLB (Hons), Integrated Teacher Education Programme, and Post Graduate Diploma in Cyber Security. Starting on March 16, 2024, the theoretical examinations will be followed by a brief recess from March 27, 2024, to March 31, 2024, preceding the commencement of Semester 2. Subsequently, Semester 2 classes are slated to commence on April 1, 2024. The schedule will include class sessions, preparatory intervals, and practical examinations running from July 21, 2024, to July 28, 2024. The theoretical examinations for Semester 2 are scheduled to span from July 29, 2024, to August 11, 2024.

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