Amazon Requires Employees to Adhere to New Office Rules for Promotion Eligibility


Amazon Intensifies Efforts to Return Corporate Employees to the Office, Linking Promotions to Compliance with the Return-to-Office Mandate. Non-compliance, such as not meeting the stipulated three days per week office presence, may impact promotion opportunities, as reported by CNBC

Amazon is intensifying efforts to return corporate employees to the office, introducing a new policy linking promotions to adherence to the company’s return-to-office mandate. A CNBC report reveals that employees not meeting the requirement of at least three days in the office per week may experience reduced chances of promotion.

Internal guidelines emphasize the crucial role of managers in the promotion process, stressing their responsibility to foster employee growth through regular discussions and challenging assignments. Managers are also tasked with ensuring compliance with the in-person work mandate, with non-compliance cases requiring approval from Vice Presidents. Amazon spokesperson Brad Glasser confirmed the implementation of this policy, highlighting promotions as part of the company’s commitment to supporting employee growth. Glasser emphasized that adherence to company guidelines is crucial in promotion decisions.

Tensions between Amazon and its approximately 350,000 corporate employees have been rising since the initiation of the return-to-office push in May. The company shifted from its Covid-era policy, where individual managers decided team members’ in-office frequency, to mandating a minimum of three days a week. This change sparked a protest at Amazon’s Seattle headquarters, with employees walking out in opposition. Criticism also arose over layoffs affecting 27,000 people, leading to an internal petition urging CEO Andy Jassy to reconsider the return-to-office requirement. Amazon, however, has maintained its stance.

Recent developments indicate Amazon adopting a more stringent approach, notifying some employees that they must relocate to central office hubs in different states to retain their jobs. Some employees have chosen to resign instead of making such moves.

As Amazon tightens its grip on in-office attendance, employees grapple with the career implications, while the company remains committed to the return-to-office mandate despite internal push back. This evolving situation sheds light on the challenges companies face in navigating the post-pandemic landscape and implementing new workplace norms.

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