Navigating Industry Demands: The Role of AI in Business Schools’ Leadership Preparation | Explained


Empowering Future Leaders: Business Schools Revamp Curriculum with Integrated AI Education to Meet Growing Industry Demand

Recognizing their crucial role in shaping the leaders of tomorrow within a dynamic and rapidly evolving business landscape, business schools understand the need for traits like agility, adaptability, and a profound understanding of the latest trends, particularly the transformative impact of artificial intelligence (AI).

In the face of a swiftly changing employment market, conventional skill sets once deemed sufficient for corporate operations are now inadequate. The increasing integration of AI and data-driven decision-making demands individuals with a comprehensive understanding of these contemporary tools. Professor Rajeev Sharma, Chairperson – Centre for Corporate Relations (CCR), Assistant Professor of Operations and Decision Science at BIMTECH, shares insights on how business schools are modifying their curriculum to incorporate AI, aiming to produce graduates adept at effectively addressing current business challenges.


The need for AI expertise has witnessed a significant surge, extending beyond technology-focused industries to permeate diverse sectors. AI’s potential to enhance efficiency, cut costs, and provide a competitive edge has prompted businesses to actively pursue talent proficient in AI. Consequently, business schools are incorporating AI-related courses to ensure graduates possess the in-demand skills across various industries.


AI’s significance transcends sectors, offering valuable contributions in various fields. In finance, AI facilitates market data analysis and provides investment recommendations. Consulting benefits from AI-driven insights, and operations optimize through streamlined processes. Acknowledging AI’s versatile applications, business schools strive to equip students with the skills to make effective contributions across multiple sectors.


With the growing adoption of AI by companies, there is a rising demand for employees who can design, implement, and manage AI systems. In response, business schools are graduating students well-versed in AI theory and equipped with practical skills, positioning them as invaluable assets to these organizations.


Business schools prioritize equipping students for the changing job market by ensuring they fulfill the increasing demand for AI skills. By staying abreast of trends and proactively incorporating AI education, they strive to stay pertinent in the ever-evolving business landscape. The integration of AI into management college curricula represents a strategic response to the shifting job market, the escalating demand for AI expertise, its diverse applications across business domains, and companies’ growing need for AI-proficient employees.

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