What is JioMotive, and how it can transform your car into a smart vehicle


The JioMotive by Reliance Jio is an On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) device crafted to convert any car into a smart vehicle. This groundbreaking device incorporates features like real-time 4G GPS tracking, geo-fencing capabilities, and more

Reliance Jio has recently introduced its inaugural On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) device for cars, named JioMotive (2023), providing a swift transformation of any car into a smart vehicle within minutes. With a range of features aimed at enhancing vehicle security and overall driving experience, JioMotive furnishes valuable insights into your car’s location, engine health, and driving habits, making it particularly beneficial for owners of older or basic new cars.

As for the pricing details, the JioMotive device is currently accessible on Reliance Digital for Rs. 4,999, offering a significant discount of nearly 58% off its original retail price of Rs. 11,999. The device operates on a subscription-based model, with the first year’s services provided at no cost. Post the initial year, users can avail all features for an annual fee of Rs. 599. It’s important to note that the device exclusively functions with a Jio SIM card.

Furthermore, the JioMotive car tracker device is presently featured on the Reliance Digital website with an extra 10% discount, available for a limited time, accompanied by a one-year warranty.

JioMotive stands out as a plug-and-play device seamlessly fitting into the OBD port beneath the steering wheel, instantly transforming any car into a smart vehicle. Boasting real-time 4G GPS vehicle tracking and connectivity through its embedded e-SIM to the existing data plan, the device eliminates the need for a separate SIM card purchase.

In addition to real-time vehicle tracking, JioMotive incorporates geofencing and time fencing capabilities. Users can establish virtual boundaries on a map with geofencing, receiving alerts for any entry or exit from those areas. Time fencing notifies users when their vehicle initiates movement, providing a comprehensive overview of the vehicle’s location and activity.

The intelligent features of JioMotive include Health Status Monitoring, providing crucial details on battery percentage and engine load, along with Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) alerts for any detected issues. Driving Performance Analysis offers insights into driving style, complemented by a trip tracker. The device also features anti-theft and accident detection for added security, offering users a holistic view of their vehicle’s health, performance, and safety.

According to a statement from Reliance Jio, JioMotive serves as a connectivity solution for older and base model vehicles lacking built-in internet connectivity. Plugging into the car’s OBD port, a standard feature in most vehicles, JioMotive utilizes 4G GPS for real-time location tracking, ensuring continuous updates for enhanced security.

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