The developers of ChatGPT are seeking to recruit Google AI staff through the provision of salary packages that can go as high as $10 million


OpenAI is said to be extending pay packages of up to $10 million to attract Google AI employees, heightening the rivalry with the tech giant. The AI firm has additionally achieved success in bringing in talents from Google and Meta, maintaining its emphasis on aligning AI systems with human interests

The makers of ChatGPT, OpenAI, are actively pursuing top talent from Google’s AI team, enticing researchers with pay packages that could reach up to $10 million. A report from The Information reveals OpenAI’s heightened competition with Google, as the AI company employs a multifaceted strategy involving substantial compensation offers and access to advanced technology resources, including AI accelerator chips. OpenAI recently explored an employee share sale, potentially valuing the company at an impressive $86 billion and paving the way for compensation packages ranging from $5 million to $10 million for new hires.

OpenAI’s success in recruiting experts from Google and Meta is evident, with 93 individuals, including 59 from Google and 34 from Meta, joining the company by February. To strengthen its workforce, OpenAI has posted a job listing for a research engineer in the superalignment team, offering an annual salary between $245,000 and $450,000, emphasizing “generous equity” and additional benefits. Jan Leike, OpenAI’s head of super alignment, underscores the team’s commitment to aligning AI systems with human interests and actively seeks individuals passionate about AI safety, possessing critical thinking skills, deep machine learning understanding, and coding proficiency.

Despite these developments, OpenAI has not provided a comment in response to Insider’s inquiry. The ongoing talent competition between OpenAI and Google highlights the fierce rivalry in the AI industry, where both companies strive to attract top minds to propel innovation and advancements in artificial intelligence.

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