Amazon worker resigns instead of opting for in-office work, forfeiting stocks valued at Rs 1.6 crore


Earlier this year, Amazon instructed its employees to transition to office work. One employee shared his decision to resign from his well-paying position instead of adhering to the mandatory return-to-office directive.

Earlier this year, Amazon instructed its employees to commence office work in a bid to enhance business operations. However, discontent among the workforce ensued, leading to nearly 2,000 employees staging a protest against the mandatory return-to-office directive. Reports also emerged that Amazon urged employees to relocate to designated “central hubs” for proximity to their teams.

One Amazon employee, initially hired as a remote worker, faced relocation demands to retain his position. Unwilling to uproot his life, he opted to resign, forfeiting vested stocks valued at $203,000 (approximately Rs 1.6 crore). In an op-ed for Business Insider, the former Amazon employee detailed his experience, expressing newfound happiness despite a substantial pay cut.

Residing in New York, he recounted being instructed to work from Seattle starting June 1. However, having recently purchased their “dream property,” he resisted the idea of moving across the country, especially as his role was originally designed as remote.

The ex-Amazonian highlighted his attempts to negotiate with the company, seeking information on a relocation package, but received no response. Frustrated, he eventually quit, relinquishing stocks worth $203,000. He is now employed at a startup alongside another former Amazon colleague, with a similar base salary but unable to match Amazon’s stock options.

Amazon spokesperson Brad Glasser, responding to the employee’s account, stated in an email to Insider that they couldn’t verify the story, emphasizing that a single anecdote doesn’t characterize a company of Amazon’s size. Glasser reiterated Amazon’s position on the return-to-office policy, emphasizing its tailored approach, communication with employees, and provision of relocation support.

Amazon CEO Andy Jassy had earlier addressed employees in a blog post in February, announcing the return-to-office mandate, citing the need to prioritize customer service and adapt to post-pandemic work dynamics.

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