Amazon Managers Maintain Email Templates for Employee Termination in Case of Office Non-Reporting – Sample Included


In a decisive step, Amazon firmly enforces its three-day mandatory in-office work policy, signaling a readiness to terminate non-compliant employees. Managers have email templates prepared for employee terminations in cases of non-compliance

Amazon has taken a decisive step by firmly enforcing its three-day mandatory in-office work policy, indicating a willingness to terminate employees who do not adhere to the new requirements. This decision, as reported by The Insider, follows CEO Andy Jassy’s recent statement, in which he suggested challenging times for employees resistant to returning to the office.

Jassy stated, “If you can’t disagree and commit, it’s probably not going to work out for you at Amazon.” This statement now appears to be substantiated by concrete actions. Amazon has equipped its managers with a set of guidelines and talking points, accessible through an internal portal.

The company’s protocol directs managers to initiate a private conversation with employees unwilling to comply with the three-day office work policy. Subsequently, they are required to document the discussion in a follow-up email. If the employee continues to resist compliance, the manager is instructed to schedule another meeting and, if necessary, take disciplinary measures, which could result in termination of employment.

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