Google Search to Introduce Discover Feed on Desktop for Users in India Soon


Google is in the early stages of testing its Discover feed on the desktop platform in India, and it is not yet accessible to users.

Google is currently in the early testing phases of introducing a new Discover Feed on the desktop version of its platform in India. This feed will provide users with recommended content, including news headlines, weather updates, sports scores, and stock information. While the Discover Feed has been accessible on Google’s mobile homepage for some time, this marks the first instance of it being trialed on desktop computers.

A statement from Google spokesperson Lara Levin, shared with The Verge, confirmed the ongoing testing of this new feature in India. If the trial proves successful, Google may consider extending the availability of the Discover Feed to all desktop users in the future. This development holds significance for Google in India, given the immense popularity of its homepage, which ranks among the most visited websites globally.

The introduction of the Discover Feed on Google’s US homepage for mobile devices dates back to 2018, and it is now accessible worldwide. The feature not only facilitates tracking news and related articles for users but also enhances the overall engagement and informativeness of Google Search.

A screenshot from MSPowerUser illustrates that the same Discover Feed, found on mobile devices, is now appearing below the search box on the desktop platform. While some users might find it useful, the report indicates that the update could potentially introduce clutter to Google’s typically clean homepage, potentially raising concerns among certain users. However, during the testing phase, Google has not provided users with an option to opt out of the new Discover Feed.

Furthermore, the report notes that Google’s experimental interface bears resemblance to what Microsoft offers on its Bing search engine, which already provides a lengthy list of news stories and other information. Unlike Google, Microsoft allows Bing users to customize their homepage and choose whether or not to enable the news feed.

Notably, Google has recently announced new features for its Search Generative Experience (SGE), including the capability to generate images from text prompts, similar to Bing’s Image Creator, which was unveiled a few months earlier.

In Google’s own words, “As we continue to experiment with bringing generative AI capabilities into Search, we’re testing new ways to get more done as you’re searching – like creating an image that can bring an idea to life, or getting help on a written draft when you need a starting point.” Google’s SGE aims to simplify tasks for users by harnessing AI-backed capabilities, providing more comprehensive and informative responses to their queries. Google has designed SGE with both search and interface functionalities, incorporating new features to enhance user interactivity and usefulness

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