The Final Round of Undergraduate Admissions at Delhi University Commences Today


Commencement of the Final Round of Undergraduate Admissions at the University of Delhi. Learn More Here.

In a recent update, Delhi University (DU) has disclosed that the last round of undergraduate admissions for specific colleges and programs will commence today, on October 11, 2023.

This particular “mop-up” round, which is set to run until October 20, 2023, has been initiated in response to the directives from the University Grants Commission (UGC), as outlined in their official letter dated October 4.

Final Admission Round Initiated in Response to UGC Recommendation

According to a statement released by DU on Tuesday, this supplementary admission phase is a direct response to the recommendations put forth by the UGC and the requests from both applicants and colleges.

Consequently, the university has decided to conduct this mop-up round with the specific purpose of admitting students to the previously identified colleges and programs.

Details About the Mop-Up Round

The list of colleges and programs participating in the mop-up round admissions will be accessible on Delhi University’s official admissions website. To apply for admission, interested candidates should adhere to the schedule and procedures outlined on the respective college’s website.

Admission Deadline and Seat Allocation Information

It’s crucial to be aware that the application period for this last admission round will extend until October 20, 2023. The university has specified that supernumerary seats will not be filled during this round.

Colleges participating in this round may utilize scores from the Common University Entrance Test (CUET) 2023, normalized in accordance with program-specific eligibility criteria, to occupy the vacant seats. Furthermore, colleges may opt to allocate any remaining vacant positions based on the marks achieved in the qualifying examinations.

Final Opportunity for Prospective Students

This initiative from Delhi University offers aspiring students a final opportunity to secure admission to the colleges and programs taking part in this mop-up round. Prospective candidates are advised to refer to the official DU website and the respective college websites for comprehensive information and admission guidelines. The university has reaffirmed its dedication to conducting a just and transparent admission process in accordance with UGC recommendations, ensuring that all eligible applicants have an equitable chance to secure admission to their preferred programs.

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