Adobe Premiere Pro Utilizes AI to Automatically Eliminate Filler Words and Pauses in Videos

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Adobe Unveils Enhanced Features for Premiere Pro at Adobe MAX 2023 in Los Angeles, Empowering Users with Text Prompt Tools for Video Enhancement

Have you ever noticed those pesky ‘ums’ and ‘uhs’ in your videos? Well, Adobe Premiere Pro has introduced a handy feature that automatically detects and highlights these filler words. What’s even better is that it enables you to remove them with a single click. This new feature was unveiled at Adobe Max 2023, the company’s annual event hosted in Los Angeles. During the event, prominent Adobe executives took the stage to introduce a slew of new features across their platforms, including Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Express, and Adobe Illustrator.

The latest Premiere Pro update simplifies video editing for all, employing text-based prompts to eliminate undesirable words and pauses from videos. In straightforward terms, Adobe Premiere Pro can autonomously excise filler words and pauses from videos, all thanks to the prowess of AI. This feature is a game-changer for those looking to enhance the audio quality of their videos, giving them a more professional sound.

It also raises discussions about the influence of AI on employment, as features like these empower virtually anyone to edit and refine videos without professional expertise.

Adobe’s objective here is to empower creators by providing AI-driven tools that are not only precise but also time-saving. During the announcement, Dacia Saenz, Senior Software Quality Engineer at Adobe, revealed that the new update makes Adobe Premiere Pro five times faster than before, streamlining the video editing process and boosting efficiency. This means less time waiting and more time creating.

Another intriguing addition to Premiere Pro this year is the capability to eliminate background noise from recorded audio, facilitated by text prompts. So, for instance, if you’ve recorded a video outdoors, capturing unwanted traffic noise in the background, Premiere Pro can identify and eliminate it when provided with the necessary text prompt. This means that even if you’re not well-versed in the intricacies of Premiere Pro, you can still enhance your videos.

Adobe has also enhanced color control in its video editing platform, with Adobe Premiere Pro now featuring improved color preferences and tone mapping, simplifying the process of achieving the desired colors in your videos.

Finally, Adobe Premiere Pro has made it easier for creators to generate and share content on popular social platforms like Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube. These integrations enable you to seamlessly create and share your videos on your preferred social media platforms directly from the Premiere Pro application.

In addition to these updates, Adobe has announced its ongoing work on new AI models that will eventually enable users to create videos from text and images

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