Pune Woman Attempts to Access Bank Statement Online, Ends Up Losing Rs 11 Lakh in Online Scam


A woman from Pune suffered an Rs 11 lakh loss while seeking assistance to access her bank account’s online statement

Throughout this year, we have witnessed a rising number of online scams that have resulted in individuals losing their hard-earned money to deceitful actors. In many instances, scammers exploit victims’ trust by offering fake job opportunities or assistance. In a similar case, a Pune resident experienced a loss of approximately Rs 11 lakh while attempting to obtain her bank account’s online statement.

According to a police official interviewed by TOI, the woman held an account with a public-sector bank and endeavored to access her online statement in July of this year. “On July 28, she attempted to access her bank account’s online statement through the bank’s official website but encountered difficulties,” he stated.

Unable to retrieve her statement through the bank’s website, the woman turned to online sources for assistance. She discovered a helpline number and contacted it. The individual on the other end of the call claimed to be able to assist her if she downloaded remote access software. Trusting that this person could help her access her online bank statement, she followed the instructions and downloaded the remote access software, subsequently sharing her bank account details with the stranger over the phone. The scammers then instructed her to access her bank statement through the bank’s official website. Subsequently, Rs 11 lakh was withdrawn from her bank account, as reported by TOI.

An investigation is currently underway, and the police have obtained the woman’s account information, as well as the details of the account to which the money was transferred.

Tips for Staying Safe: Incidents like these can be avoided by keeping a few key precautions in mind. First and foremost, when it comes to your bank account, rely solely on the official website and your bank’s relationship manager for assistance. Avoid searching for random helpline numbers online and trusting unknown individuals who answer your calls, as you never know their true intentions.

Additionally, never install remote access software at the direction of a stranger, as such software may grant unauthorized access to your private information.

Lastly, never share your banking credentials or any received OTPs (One-Time Passwords) with strangers. If you encounter issues with online banking, it is best to seek advice from a trusted friend or family member or visit your bank’s nearest branch

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