The World Cup 2023 Fixture List for India

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The upcoming 2023 Cricket World Cup, scheduled to take place in India between October 5 and November 19, carries the aspirations of the host nation to secure their third championship victory in the tournament’s storied history.

The forthcoming 2023 Cricket Global Championship is scheduled to take place in India, commencing on October 5 and concluding on November 19. India, as the hosting nation, aspires to secure the championship title for the third occasion in its cricketing annals.

On the roster, India boasts a formidable lineup, combining seasoned expertise with youthful vigor. At the helm stands the unparalleled leader, Rohit Sharma, while their squad boasts several other exceptional talents, including the likes of Virat Kohli, Jasprit Bumrah, and Ravichandran Ashwin.

India finds itself positioned in Group B for the upcoming World Cup, sharing the stage with Australia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, New Zealand, and Bangladesh. Mark your calendars for India’s debut clash against Australia on October 8, followed by their concluding encounter against Bangladesh on November 5.

Below is a comprehensive overview of India’s fixture list for the 2023 World Cup:

The 2023 Cricket World Cup’s placement on India’s sporting agenda is anticipated as a prominent highlight. Set to take place in India spanning from October 5 to November 19, 2023, this event places India in a strong contention as one of the frontrunners for victory.

Oct 8AustraliaChennai
Oct 11AfghanistanDelhi
Oct 14PakistanAhmedabad
Oct 19BangladeshPune
Oct 22New ZealandDharamsala
Oct 29EnglandLucknow
Nov 2QualifierMumbai
Nov 5South AfricaKolkata
Nov 11QualifierBengaluru
The fixture list for India’s participation in the 2023 Global Championship.

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