Former Google Employee, Sole Breadwinner of Her Family, Seeks a New Dream After Job Loss


In a LinkedIn post, a former Google employee disclosed her being impacted by the recent company layoffs, emphasizing her role as the sole provider for her family and expressing her need to ‘discover a new dream’ following her job loss.

Alphabet, Google’s parent company, recently made the surprising announcement of laying off a significant number of employees from its recruiting team, leaving many around the world taken aback. The news served as a somber reminder that despite hopes of a decline in tech layoffs, the reality remains different. Earlier in the year, tech giants like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and others had also initiated massive layoffs, impacting thousands globally.

Returning to the Google layoffs, the exact count of individuals handed pink slips remains undisclosed. However, many former Google employees, known as ‘X-Googlers,’ are turning to LinkedIn to share their experiences with the world. One such employee, who had spent nearly two years at the company, penned an emotional message expressing the need to embark on ‘another dream’ as her journey at Google had concluded.

The ex-Googler began her post on a poignant note, stating, “This is probably the most challenging thing I’ve ever had to write, so please excuse any grammatical errors. Today was an immensely challenging day for everyone, including myself. I was affected by Google’s recent layoffs, and I understand that I am just one of many highly talented individuals who have felt the impact in this job market.”

She further acknowledged the necessity to be ‘resilient’ and ‘act swiftly’ due to the perceived constraints of time. Reflecting on her time at the tech giant, she expressed her love for the company and her ‘passion and immense gratitude’ for the opportunity it had provided. “Every morning, I woke up with boundless enthusiasm to make a positive impact for potential candidates and strived to uncover opportunities for them,” she shared.

She also emphasized the significance of her tenure at Google, particularly as someone hailing from ‘humble beginnings’ as the daughter of immigrants. Concluding her heartfelt post with the need to chart a new path and dream, she implored her network for opportunities both within and outside of recruiting, expressing a willingness to relocate anywhere in the United States for a new chance. She extended her support to her impacted colleagues, vowing to help them find available opportunities to navigate these challenging times.

Before the layoffs in the recruiting team, Google had previously announced its intention to let go of 12,000 employees in January of that year. Several months later, Google proceeded with layoffs in its Waze mapping app division as part of its integration into Google Maps products. Chris Philips, who leads Google’s Geo unit, communicated the layoffs decision to employees via email.

Regarding the Waze layoffs, Google stated in a Reuters report, “In order to create a better, more seamless long-term experience for Waze advertisers, we’ve begun transitioning Waze’s existing advertising system to Google Ads technology. As part of this update, we’ve reduced those roles focused on Waze Ads monetisation.

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