Discover the Identity of First India’s Pioneer Female Aviator

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Sarla Thukral, India’s pioneering female aviator, gained renown for her exceptional accomplishments spanning the realms of aviation, business, and the creative arts.

In the pages of aviation’s rich history, specific individuals emerge as trailblazers who shattered boundaries and challenged societal conventions. Sarla Thakral shines brightly among these luminaries, forever etched into the annals of Indian aviation as the nation’s inaugural female pilot. Her extraordinary odyssey, from an ambitious young visionary to a triumphant aviator, vividly exemplifies her resolute spirit, fervent devotion, and steadfast resolve in dismantling gender preconceptions.

The Formative Years of India’s Pioneering Female Aviator, Sarla Thakral

In 1914, Sarla Thukral came into the world, and by the time she reached the age of 21 in 1936, she had already earned herself an aviation pilot license. In a remarkable feat, she embarked on a solo flight in a Gypsy Moth aircraft, marking the beginning of her aviation journey. Undaunted by challenges, she demonstrated unwavering determination, accumulating a staggering one thousand hours of flight time, all under the auspices of the Lahore Flying Club. Her early marriage, at the age of 16, to P.D. Sharma, a scion of a family with nine aviators, played a pivotal role in bolstering her aspirations.

Accomplishments in Aeronautics

Sarla Thukral’s narrative epitomizes resolute bravery and unwavering resolve. In contrast to her spouse, P.D. Sharma, who achieved the remarkable feat of securing India’s inaugural airmail pilot’s license, Sarla carved her own path as an aviation pioneer. During an era when female aviators were a rare sight, she etched her name in the annals of history. Sarla emerged as one of the pioneering Indian women to attain the coveted A license.


Sarla Thukral’s remarkable life serves as a testament to the unwavering power of determination. Her journey demonstrates that amidst adversity, one can discover uncharted paths. Though her aspiration of becoming a commercial pilot remained unfulfilled, she ascended to extraordinary heights in the realm of the arts. Her narrative serves as a poignant reminder that our paths may veer unexpectedly, yet with resilience, we have the capacity to attain remarkable feats.

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