Google Chrome Desktop Version Set to Receive Fresh Design and Features This Month


Google Announces Improved Chrome Menu for Quicker Access to Extensions, Google Translate, and Google Password Manager in Latest Update

Google has unveiled plans to update the Google Chrome web browser with a fresh look and new features later this month, coinciding with Chrome’s upcoming 15th anniversary. In an official blog post, Google revealed that the upcoming Chrome revamp draws inspiration from the Material You design, which Android smartphone users have been enjoying in recent years. Google emphasized that Chrome’s icons have undergone a “refresh” with a focus on improving legibility. The update introduces new themes and colors to help users distinguish between different profiles, such as work and personal accounts.

Furthermore, the settings menu is receiving a comprehensive update, offering users more accessible options for various features. Google specifically highlighted that the Chrome menu will provide expedited access to Chrome extensions, Google Translate, and Google Password Manager.

Additionally, the Chrome Web Store will undergo a visual overhaul, embracing the Material You Design aesthetic introduced with Android 12. This design language employs a rich color palette and a minimalist user interface based on the phone’s wallpaper. Users will have the flexibility to customize individual elements’ colors, including accent and text colors. This consistency in the browser’s appearance is designed to enhance user retention and simplify navigation.

Beyond the cosmetic changes, the Chrome Web Store will enhance its browsing experience, resembling Google Play in terms of recommendations. New extension categories, such as AI-powered extensions and Editors’ spotlight, will be added, along with more personalized recommendations. Google is also expanding the Safety Check feature to extensions, enabling users to identify unpublished extensions that violate Google’s Terms of Service.

The blog post further underscores Google’s commitment to expanding Bard’s generative AI capabilities to more tools. Google Search, for instance, will provide summarized query results in a side panel, leveraging Bard’s generative AI capabilities. A similar feature exists in Microsoft Edge, Google’s Chrome competitor, and users will even have the option to pin the Google Search side panel to their toolbar.

Google Chrome is also enhancing security through real-time Google Safe Browsing. This upgrade will allow Safe Browsing to check sites against Google’s known malicious sites in real time, resulting in a 25% improvement in protection against malware and phishing threats by reducing the time between threat identification and prevention.

Lastly, Google announced its upcoming Pixel 8 smartphones set to launch later this month.

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