Fraudulent Football Betting App in China Swindles Rs 1,400 Crore from Gujarat Users


Chinese Citizen and Accomplices in Gujarat Engineer Bogus Football Betting App, Scamming 1,200 Individuals of About Rs 1,400 Crore Within Nine Days

Gujarat Police Exposes Deceptive Scheme Orchestrated by Chinese National and Local Partners A complex case of digital fraud involving a Chinese man and his associates in Gujarat has recently come to light. Allegedly, the group developed a counterfeit football betting application, managing to embezzle approximately Rs 1,400 crore from around 1,200 victims within a span of only nine days.

As reported by TOI, the mastermind behind this elaborate scam is Woo Uyanbe, a Chinese citizen hailing from the Shenzhen region. Between 2020 and 2022, Uyanbe executed the scam in the Patna and Banas kantha districts of Gujarat while staying in India.

Fraudulent App at the Core

Given the magnitude of the operation, the Gujarat Police established a Special Investigation Team (SIT) to tackle the case. The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) initially received information about the matter in June 2022, as they discovered that the perpetrators were defrauding victims in both Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh through a mobile application called ‘Dani Data’.

The inquiry, initially launched by the Agra police, ultimately led the CID’s crime team to uncover the intricate scheme and its ties to various individuals in north Gujarat. A CID officer disclosed during the investigation, “We ascertained that the Chinese national spent time in Patan and Banas kantha, where he lured and convinced locals with promises of substantial wealth. Following this, he collaborated with his local partners in Gujarat to launch the app in May 2022. The app encouraged people to place bets, offering lucrative returns.”

Focused on Football Enthusiasts

Uyanbe targeted individuals spanning ages 15 to 75, particularly those with a keen interest in football matches. He managed to siphon off an astounding average of Rs 200 crore daily.

Initially, the victims saw returns on their investments in the app. However, after a mere nine days, the app suddenly ceased functioning, leaving investors to realize that their funds had been stealthily diverted.

By the time the case was reported, Uyanbe had already left India. In August 2022, the Gujarat Police registered the first case related to the fraud, charging Uyanbe with cheating and violations of the IT Act.

During the investigation, the CID also focused on nine local individuals allegedly aiding Uyanbe. The CID discovered that these accomplices had established shell companies to facilitate the illicit transfer of funds.

Sources within the police mention that Uyanbe continues to operate his fraudulent network from Shenzhen, using multiple apps to deceive people. The CID’s crime branch filed a charge sheet in the case in March.

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