Four High-Demand Career Choices in Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics


Below is a list of some of the most in-demand career opportunities in machine learning and big data analytics:

The evolution of new-age technologies has revolutionized business operations, enhancing productivity by enabling effective data utilization. Technologies such as big data analytics and machine learning (ML) play pivotal roles in this transformation. However, to harness these technologies for competitive advantage, enterprises require adept professionals capable of meeting their needs. Consequently, there’s a significant surge in demand for skilled big data analytics and ML professionals across various sectors and industries. To seize these opportunities, individuals need proficiency, education in the field, and strong management abilities. Let’s explore some promising and lucrative career paths in these domains.

Ashok K Harnal, Professor of Information Technology at FORE School of Management, shares insights into promising career opportunities in management within the realms of ML and big data analytics.”


In India, two of the fastest-growing industries are healthcare and technology. A role as a healthcare data analyst sits at the intersection of these sectors. These analysts utilize data analytics to enhance healthcare outcomes. By gathering, integrating, and analyzing data from various sources, they improve patient care, optimize healthcare operations, and assess the efficiency of healthcare organizations. This role primarily pertains to the administrative side of medicine, requiring comprehensive expertise.


HR analytics specialists are indispensable to any organization, analyzing data and suggesting ways to refine internal processes. These experts scrutinize data and statistics related to a company’s workforce, providing insights into employee performance, compensation, and benefits. Their role significantly contributes to a company’s growth, enhancing profitability and operational efficiency. HR analytics specialists also manage communication between the business and employees, ensuring alignment and streamlined operations.


A marketing analytics manager develops strategic approaches to bolster the company’s brand by evaluating marketing campaign efficacy using performance metrics and market trend analysis. They identify business opportunities by researching current customer demands, aiming to boost revenues and profitability. Additionally, these managers devise cost-cutting strategies through negotiations with reliable vendors, optimizing resources for production. Organizational and communication skills are pivotal for tracking sales data and implementing strategies to enhance workforce productivity and efficiency.


As the demand for using data to advance organizational goals surges, business intelligence (BI) has gained immense significance, leading to a growing need for proficient business intelligence analysts. Within an organization’s BI framework, these analysts act as vertical connectors between departments, conveying valuable insights to support decision-making. They monitor and extract meaningful information from Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) held by management, shaping pivotal business choices.


The prominence of Big Data and machine learning (ML) is unquestionably on the rise as technology progresses. Fortune Business Insights predicts that the big data analytics market will expand from USD 271.83 billion in 2022 to USD 745.15 billion by 2030. Similarly, the global Machine Learning (ML) market, valued at USD 19.20 billion in 2022, is projected to reach USD 225.91 billion by 2030, boasting a 36.2% CAGR.

These figures validate the emergence of new career prospects across various industries. To seize these lucrative opportunities, candidates must combine technical expertise with business acumen. Additionally, educational qualifications enhance the potential for career advancement. Pursuing a Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) in Big Data Analytics equips students with the knowledge and skills necessary to tackle challenges in the technology-driven business landscape, opening doors to rewarding career paths.

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