Potential Upcoming Feature: WhatsApp Could Soon Enable Multiple Account Usage on a Single Device – Read the Details


Report: WhatsApp in the Process of Creating Feature for Adding and Switching Between Multiple Accounts Within a Single App, Drawing Inspiration from Meta’s Account Switching on Instagram and Facebook

WhatsApp continues to elevate its messaging experience with a range of user-friendly features. From chat locking to chat transfers, the app’s recent additions have significantly enhanced its convenience. Yet, there are still highly anticipated features awaiting integration into the platform. One such feature is the capability to manage distinct WhatsApp accounts within a single app – a convenience currently missing.

The good news is that WhatsApp is reportedly working to fulfill this demand. The app, owned by Meta, is said to be in the process of developing a new feature that would permit users to add and seamlessly switch between multiple WhatsApp accounts within the same app, mimicking Meta’s account-switching functionality seen on platforms like Instagram and Facebook. This development, initially reported by Wabetainfo, is set to bring long-awaited convenience to users by enabling the addition of supplementary accounts to a single WhatsApp app.

Presently, WhatsApp only permits the use of one account on a single device. Consequently, users juggling two WhatsApp accounts with distinct phone numbers are left with the dilemma of managing two devices or resorting to cloned WhatsApp apps. Using two phones can be cumbersome, especially for individuals with dual SIM capabilities, while employing cloned WhatsApp versions can expose users to potential security risks. The forthcoming feature is poised to alleviate these challenges.

Reports suggest that the feature is currently accessible to a select group of beta testers and will gradually roll out to a broader user base over the next few weeks. The WhatsApp beta for Android version is identified as compatible with this update, although some users might also gain access through the previous update. Once live, users will be able to incorporate a new WhatsApp account by tapping an arrow icon positioned near the QR code button. Account switching within the same menu will be equally effortless. The newly added account will persist on the user’s device until a log-out decision is made.

Beyond the convenience of managing multiple accounts, this feature will harmonize private chats, professional conversations, and other messages within a unified app interface. Each conversation will maintain its separation, complete with individual notifications.

In recent times, WhatsApp introduced a new ‘Chat Transfer’ feature, enabling users to seamlessly transition their data to a new phone without relying on backups. Available for Android and iOS users alike, this feature empowers users to migrate to a new phone with the same operating system using uncomplicated steps, eliminating the necessity of Google Drive or Apple backup. However, the platform advises users to create backups as a precaution in cases of phone theft or other unforeseen emergencies.”

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