Dell Plans Employee Reductions in Sales Teams to Implement New Partner-Led Channel Strategy


As part of its fresh partner-led go-to-market approach, Dell has announced its intention to let go of employees within its primary sales teams. Here’s what we have in hand.

“Dell Confirms Staff Reductions in Core Sales Teams Amid New Partner-Led Strategy

As part of its fresh partner-led approach to the market, Dell has officially announced its intention to lay off employees within its essential sales teams. This shift is designed to prioritize channel sales and encourage direct sales personnel to promote storage solutions through partners. A spokesperson from Dell confirmed the layoffs to CRN and disclosed the company’s plans to assist those affected. The spokesperson stated, ‘Some members of our sales team will leave the company. We don’t make these decisions lightly, and we’ll support those impacted as they transition to their next opportunity,’ as quoted in the report.

Dell, however, did not clarify whether these layoffs are separate from the approximately 6,650 job cuts announced in February earlier this year. Bill Scannell, the President of Sales and Customer Operations at Dell, emphasized that this shift represents the most significant change ever in the company’s market strategy.

Rob Tomlin, Vice-President of the UK channel at Dell Technologies, explained that this new approach will prioritize partner channels for more than 99 percent of Dell’s current and potential customers. The company is optimistic that this change will extend its market reach and foster stronger relationships with partner organizations. The restructuring of Dell’s sales model aims to align its sales approach with customer needs and the evolving market landscape.

Furthermore, in November of the previous year, HP also unveiled plans to reduce its workforce by up to 6,000 positions within the next three years. This decision stemmed from decreased demand for personal computers, which impacted the company’s profitability. Cisco Systems Inc. and International Business Machines Corp. also disclosed intentions to eliminate approximately 4,000 jobs each. These actions reflect the tech industry’s response to challenging market conditions and the necessity for these giants to streamline their operations in response to the changing industry landscape.

Besides HP, prominent companies like Amazon and Meta have also implemented substantial layoffs recently, often citing macroeconomic factors. Twitter laid off half of its workforce in October of the prior year, with further layoffs occurring in the subsequent weeks. One positive aspect is that several of these tech companies offered severance packages to support the financial well-being of those affected.”

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