Kerala Government to Allocate Two Seats for Trans Persons in Nursing Courses

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Kerala Health Minister Veena George made a groundbreaking announcement on Wednesday, introducing a reservation for transgender students in nursing courses in the state. This move is the first of its kind in Kerala and possibly in all of India. The minister announced that one seat each has been reserved for transgender students in both(Bsc, General) nursing courses.

In a Facebook post, Minister Veena George highlighted that the government is committed to empowering the transgender community, and this reservation is another step towards their inclusion in the state’s health sector.

The decision has been met with joy and appreciation from the transgender community. Daya Gayathri, a transwoman and theatre-film artist, expressed her happiness and described the reservation as crucial for ensuring equity. Daya, who was among the first students to be enrolled under the transperson reservation quota at Maharaja’s College in Ernakulam in 2018, emphasized the need to extend such reservation to other professional courses like MBA and medical studies.

This landmark decision by the Kerala government reflects its commitment to promoting inclusivity and providing equal opportunities for all members of society, including the transgender community.

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