ChatGPT-style technology has been introduced to Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 Welcomes the Integration of ChatGPT-Style Technology

 The technology that underpins ChatGPT, the highly-discussed artificial intelligence (AI) system, is now being incorporated into Microsoft’s widely used productivity software, Microsoft 365.Referred to as Copilot, this system will be seamlessly integrated into popular applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has expressed that Copilot has the potential to “fundamentally change the way we work.”Nevertheless, the company has openly acknowledged that Copilot may occasionally make errors despite its capabilities.

The functions of Copilot include:, the task involves summarizing the significant discussion points from a conversation conducted on meeting software, Teams, and providing recaps for individuals who join the session late or miss the entire event.Creating PowerPoint presentations, including images, from promptsDrafting emailsAnalysing long email threads and documents By leveraging Excel spreadsheets, one can create data summaries and graphs. ChatGPT has garnered global attention for its impressive capability to provide prompt and human-like responses to a wide array of questions, including complex or abstract ones.

However, it is important to note that these responses can sometimes be inaccurate or entirely fabricated. While Microsoft’s deployment in Office365 is not exclusively ChatGPT itself, it is based on the same language-learning model.The company has acknowledged that Copilot, the technology in question, may occasionally be “usefully wrong.” In a statement, the tech giant highlighted the desire to focus on the vital 20% of work while reducing the burden of mundane tasks that consume 80% of our time. Specific details about the rollout of Copilot have not been disclosed yet. On another note, OpenAI recently introduced GPT4, an updated version of the model powering ChatGPT, with substantial investment from Microsoft. Google, which faces potential competition to its lucrative search business from ChatGPT, has launched its own rival called Bard. Additionally, Meta has its chatbot named Blenderbot, while in China, the tech giant Baidu released an advanced version of its chatbot, Ernie (also known as Wenxin Yihan).Undoubtedly, this development marks a significant milestone for AI in the workplace, particularly with the integration of ChatGPT capabilities into widely used applications like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. This places the technology directly into the daily routines of millions of workers. While individuals have employed ChatGPT for professional purposes such as writing code, speeches, or website copy, most users have primarily enjoyed its recreational aspects, generating poems, songs, and jokes. However, the inclusion of Copilot in Office365 presents a game-changing opportunity. Imagine having a chatbot summarize a lengthy and dull report for a client meeting within seconds. Furthermore, why stop there? It may even eliminate the need to attend the meeting altogether, with Copilot providing a recap and sending notes afterward. Observing a demonstration of Copilot swiftly creating a stylish PowerPoint presentation was particularly heartening for those familiar with the concept of “death by PowerPoint.”

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