Chilkur Balaji Temple head priest Rangarajan appreciates ‘Adipurush’ director Om Raut’s attempt to make a film on lord Rama | Telugu Movie News



It seems like Chilkur Balaji temple head priest Rangarajan is in awe of Prabhas, Kriti Sanon, Sunny Singh, Devdatta Nage, and Om Raut’s ‘Adipurush. He has several good words for the film and its makers.
He reportedly said that a group of priests from the Chilkur Balaji temple have watched the film, and appreciated the makers of ‘Adipurush’ which is based on Ramayana; However, he also mentioned that there could have been a few changes in the film. Nevertheless, he thanked the director, OM Raut, and other members of the team for coming up with such a devotional attempt.

He also narrated how he saw people watching the film with 3D Glasses and enjoying it. He expressed that he felt good that Om Raut and his team made people recall the great story of Rama and the Ramayana. Given that there were countless variations of the plot in the literary form of the work, he would leave the film’s representation in the movie to the filmmaker’s freedom of expression.
Therefore the priest applauded Om Raut for his honest attempt to make such a film, which led to so much discussion about lord Rama on various platforms lately in India. On the other hand, the film that mints close to 400+ crores is being trolled for its dialogues, Characterization and VFX of the film.
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