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BHOPAL: A woman was stripped and molested by three men in a general compartment near Gwalior and then thrown off the speeding train, along with her male companion, for resisting a gang-rape attempt.
Both were severely injured. The man covered her with his torn clothes and carried her for five km through dense jungle, in pouring rain, to get medical help. They were rebuffed by two villages but at the third an elderly couple took them in, gave her a saree, tended to their wounds and helped them reach a hospital.
The alleged incident happened on June 19and the two are recuperating in hospital. Police are trying to identify suspects and potential witnesses from CCTV footage.
No one, apart from two elderly co-passengers, responded to their pleas for help as three men stripped the woman and tried to force themselves on her, the survivor told police.
The woman, aged 32, and the 22-year-old man, who works with a private firm, were headed from Lucknow to Gujarat. They missed a connecting train and boarded a general coach of the Surat Express in Gwalior at around 10pm.
Recounting her ordeal, the survivor has told police that around 60 passengers were in the general coach but no one helped them.


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