‘No question of discrimination, democracy is in our DNA’: PM Modi’s reply to US media question | India News

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NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday said democracy runs deep in India’s veins and there can be no question of discrimination on the basis of caste, creed or religion.
He was responding to a question by the US media on the issue of discrimination during a joint media briefing with US President Joe Biden after their bilateral talks in the White House.
“India has long prided itself as the world’s largest democracy. There are human rights groups who say your government has discriminated against minorities and sought to silence its critics … What steps are you willing to take to improve their rights and uphold free speech,” a reported asked.
The Prime Minister said that “democracy runs in the DNA of both India and US, as President Biden said.”
“It’s in our spirit and veins. Our ancestors have imbued it in our Constitution. And our government follows the democratic principles written in our Constitution,” he said.
PM Modi said that his government has already declared that “demcoracy can deliver”.
“And when I say deliver, there is no question of discrimination on the basis of caste, creed, gender of religion,” he said.
PM Modi added that no country can be called a democracy if there are no human values, humanity and human rights.
“When you call India a democracy, there is no question of discrimination. India progresses with the idea of Sabka Sath, Sabka Vikas and Sabka Vishwas,” he said.
PM Modi said his government’s benefits are accessible to all and there is no discrimination in the democratic principles of India on the basis of religion, caste, or creed.


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