NDRI scientists develop a machine to study the impact of high wind velocity



KARNAL: The Scientists of National Dairy Research Institute, Karnal have developed a machine to study the impact of high wind velocities. The machine will help to study the risk vulnerability and impact assessment of extreme weather and wind events on dairy livestock.
As per the scientists, the machine has been developed under the National Initiative on Climate Resilient Agriculture (NICRA) project. It can generate wind speeds from 1 to 80 km per hour with a force.
Dheer Singh, Director and Vice Chancellor of the NDRI, said,” With the help of this machine, different types of physiological parameters of livestock animals can be studied in different seasons by exposing them to different speeds of wind/ air to see the effect.”
It can be ascertained that this machine has been designed keeping in mind the impact of typhoons/ environmental impact on livestock, he added.
Singh further said that The high wind velocity system designed, developed, fabricated and installed at NICRA complex facilities.
He said that the system may be helpful in generating information related to different extreme wind events and their impact on physiological parameters, productivity, sudden biochemical variations and stress related hormones (like cortisol) and related parameters.


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