World Music Day 2023: World Music Day 2023: History, Theme and Significance



World Music Day is an annual event that is observed on June 21 every year to celebrate the global language of music. It aims to promote peace and bring together people of different nationalities, cultures, races and ethnicity together through the power of music.
World Music Day is also known as FĂȘte de la Musique as it has its origin in France. On this day, musicians around the world celebrate different forms of music through live performances, jam sessions, and concerts. Although it originated in Europe, World Music Day celebrates different musical genres including, folk, traditional, jazz, rock, classical, and many more.
In the recent past, the World Music Day has gained huge popularity. It inspires and brings together people through the language of music. It advocates for the transformative power of music that can help bring people together.
The history of World Music Day can be traced back to France in 1982. The then French Minister for Culture, Jack Lang initiated this concept of global observance day for world music. However, the idea for a special day to celebrate global music was first proposed by Maurice Fleret, the director of music and dance at the time.
The first World Music Day was observed in France on June 21, 1982. The event was a great success, thousands of musicians across the country took part in this event giving a strong message to the world.
The theme for World Music Day 2023 is “Music on the Intersections.” It highlights the immense influence of music in unifying communities and individuals.
World Music Day holds great significance for the world which is divided by nationality, culture, race and religion, but united by the universal language of music. The day is a reminder to the world about the power of music which can transcend cultural boundaries and unite diverse communities.
Music is a language of bringing changes in society. Every movement around the world is propelled by the medium of music. It is the easiest and most effective way of delivering your message to the masses. It is also used as a tool to raise awareness about social issues, advocate for justice and bring about meaningful change in society.


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