NMC Introduces Post-Doctoral Fellowship Programs to Foster Research and Enhance Clinical Skill Development


The National Medical Commission (NMC), the medical education regulator, has introduced post-doctoral fellowship courses in medical colleges under its purview for the first time. This initiative aims to promote research and enhance clinical skill development.

Previously, medical institutions were autonomously creating and approving such courses to train doctors. The NMC recently announced the “Post-Graduate Medical Education Regulations, 2023,” wherein a medical college, upon receiving permission to commence a PG course or seats, will have the course automatically recognized. This addresses challenges faced by students in registering their degrees after passing postgraduate examinations, as explained by Dr. Vijay Oza, President of the Post-Graduate Medical Education Board of the NMC.

In contrast to the previous regulations (Postgraduate Medical Education Amendment Regulations, 2018), the existing NEET-PG examination will continue until the proposed National Exit Test (NExT) becomes operational for PG admissions. The new regulations stipulate that all post-graduate students must work as full-time resident doctors with reasonable working hours and adequate rest.

Under these regulations, post-graduate students are entitled to a minimum of 20 days of casual leave per year and five days of academic leave per year. They will also be granted one weekly holiday, subject to exigencies of work. Dr. Oza highlighted the absence of written provisions for leaves in the previous system.

The NMC, considering inputs from various stakeholders, has introduced significant reforms in post-graduate medical education to ensure quality, ethical practice, and inclusivity within the medical fraternity. According to Dr. Yogender Malik, a member of the Ethics and Medical Registration Board at NMC, these reforms represent a pivotal moment in upholding the highest standards of medical education in the country.

The Post-Graduate Medical Education Regulations, 2023, encompass various critical aspects of post-graduate medical training, aiming to elevate standards of education and practice nationwide. To facilitate the effective implementation of these regulations, penalty clauses, including monetary penalties, reduction in admission capacity, or complete stoppage of admissions, have been incorporated.

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