Interested in backing up your WhatsApp chats? Discover how you can do it for just Rs 35 per month


WhatsApp, which has allowed Android users to back up their chats without utilizing their Google Drive free storage, is set to change this policy in the first quarter of the year. Android users will soon find that WhatsApp chat storage counts toward their Google Drive storage limits, with all users currently receiving a free 15GB on Google Drive. As WhatsApp chat backups include photos, the 15GB capacity can quickly be exhausted. However, users have the option to acquire additional storage on Google Drive for just Rs 35 per month.

To obtain an extra 100GB of storage for WhatsApp chats, users can subscribe to Google One, the subscription plans associated with Google Drive. Google One offers three main plans on a monthly or annual basis, including Basic (100GB) at Rs 130 per month, Standard (200GB) at Rs 210 per month, and Premium (2TB) at Rs 650 per month. Currently, Google is offering a special discount, providing the basic plan for Rs 35, the standard plan for Rs 50, and the premium plan for Rs 160 per month. It’s important to note that this discounted rate is applicable for three months, after which regular charges will apply.

For those considering annual plans, a special discount is available for Basic and Standard plans. The Basic plan, originally priced at Rs 390 for three months, will cost Rs 100 for the same period. The Standard plan will be priced at Rs 160 for three months instead of Rs 630. However, no discount is applied to the Premium tier for annual plans.

Alternatively, users can manage their storage wisely without opting for a Google One subscription. By navigating to WhatsApp settings, selecting Storage and Data, and then choosing Manage Storage, users can find various methods to effectively reduce storage usage. This enables users to maximize their free 15GB allocation without incurring additional costs.

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