Russian President Vladimir Putin Encounters his AI Replica: Witness His Reaction


Not content with just that, the AI replica went on to inquire with Putin about the possible risks associated with artificial intelligence and neural networks

Russian President Vladimir Putin unexpectedly encountered his AI-generated counterpart during a recent event, with the digital doppelganger posing as a student from St Petersburg State University. Seizing the opportunity, the AI replica humorously queried Putin about the prevalence of his doubles, to which the President responded by affirming that while the replica may look and sound like him, there’s only one person with his voice and faceā€”himself. Putin added a touch of humor by acknowledging the AI as his “first double” and addressing persistent rumors of body doubles.

The AI double delved into a more serious topic, raising concerns about the potential dangers of artificial intelligence and neural networks. Putin, in response, offered a mix of humor and philosophy, stating that while the AI resembled him, only he could truly be himself and speak with his voice.

This incident sheds light on the broader issue of deepfakes, which have become a significant concern on the internet, raising questions about authenticity and misinformation. At a time when deepfake technology has targeted individuals globally, including Indian celebrities and business figures, governments are taking steps to address this menace. In India, a meeting with industry stakeholders, including major social media platforms, aimed to find solutions to combat deepfakes. Platforms have been urged to remove problematic deepfake content within 36 hours, or face penalties.

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