Elon Musk announces the rollout of the Grok chatbot to X Premium+ subscribers as part of the xAI initiative


GrokAI is now available to X Premium subscribers following the latest app update, as announced by Elon Musk in a post.

Elon Musk’s response to ChatGPT, GrokAI, is now accessible to X Premium subscribers as the AI chatbot is being rolled out. Musk announced the availability of GrokAI for users with the latest app update in a tweet. The introduction of the chatbot was disclosed last month, with the XAI team expressing its capability to answer “spicy questions” that other chatbots tend to avoid. Musk has been resharing user interactions with Grok, showcasing the chatbot humorous responses, from crafting love poems to expressing affection for its name. As the chatbot is gradually reaching more users, its reception and interactions will be intriguing to observe.

Elon Musk Announces GrokAI Launch Musk officially announced the launch of GrokAI on X and mentioned, “Grok is rolling out to X Premium+ subscribers with the latest app release. Have fun.” Musk shared a post by X confirming that access to GrokAI has commenced for X Premium subscribers, with the complete rollout expected by next week. The post highlighted that subscribers with longer tenure will gain access to Grok AI sooner.

The tweet also provided instructions on finding Grok in the side menu on web, iOS, and Android, emphasizing the need for an updated app. On iOS and Android, users can add Grok to their bottom menu for easy access.

GrokAI’s Poetic Abilities Elon Musk recently challenged GrokAI to write a love poem. Sharing the resulting poem on X, Musk noted, “I asked Grok to write a poem about love.” The poem, with 14 lines and 4 verses employing an aa, bb rhyming scheme, impressed Musk for its achievement, even comparable to that of most humans.

Grok AI Unveiling Grok AI was unveiled last month as an AI assistant designed to provide answers with “wit and also has a rebellious streak.” The XAI team emphasized that users lacking a sense of humor should refrain from using GrokAI. Modeled after the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Grok is intended to answer a wide range of questions and offer suggestions on what questions to ask, incorporating a witty and rebellious demeanor. The AI system is designed to possess real-time knowledge, potentially derived from users’ publicly available Twitter posts on X. Additionally, GrokAI is programmed to tackle “spicy questions” rejected by most other AI systems. While still in the beta stage, the xAI team expects rapid improvement with user feedback, having been trained for just two months.

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