Google Introduces Nano Version of Gemini AI Directly into Pixel 8 Phones


Gemini Nano, crafted for on-device efficiency, is currently operational on the Pixel 8 Pro, harnessing the power of Google Tensor G3 for an elevated feature set.

Google has unveiled a groundbreaking advancement in AI integration, introducing Gemini AI directly into its latest Pixel 8 phones in a new Nano version. Available in three sizes – Ultra, Pro, and Nano – Gemini AI is optimized to operate seamlessly across diverse platforms, from data centers to smartphones.

Gemini Nano, a highly efficient model designed for on-device tasks, is now operational on the Pixel 8 Pro, leveraging the capabilities of Google Tensor G3 to introduce two enhanced features: ‘Summarize’ in Recorder and ‘Smart Reply’ in Gboard. The integration of Gemini Nano in the Pixel 8 Pro brings numerous advantages, ensuring that crucial or private information remains solely on the device, enhancing security. Additionally, Gemini Nano allows specific functionalities even without an internet connection, providing convenience and accessibility.

Beyond the Pixel 8 Pro, Google hints at upcoming enhancements to the Assistant with the Bard experience on Pixel devices, promising additional features and improvements. Alongside Gemini AI, Pixel phones incorporate various other AI-based smart tools designed to enhance the user experience. Google has begun introducing these features and updates, making devices more efficient and tailored to individual needs, available immediately for Pixel phones, tablets, and smartwatches.

Highlighted Gemini Nano features for Pixel 8 include:

  1. Summarize in Recorder: This feature utilizes Gemini Nano to provide summaries of recorded conversations, interviews, or presentations, even offline, enhancing convenience.
  2. Video Boost: Exclusive to Pixel 8 Pro and powered by Google Tensor G3, Video Boost enhances the visual quality of videos by adjusting colors, brightness, stability, and reducing graininess, resulting in clear and natural-looking videos.
  3. Night Sight Video: Complementing Video Boost, Night Sight Video enables users to record clear and detailed videos in dark or low-light environments, minimizing fuzziness and graininess through smart technology.
  4. Night Sight in Timelapse: Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro users can capture vibrant timelapse videos in low light conditions, thanks to the enhanced ‘Night Sight in Timelapse’ feature.
  5. Improved Portrait Light: Empowered by a new AI model, the improved ‘Portrait Light’ in Google Photos introduces ‘Balance Light,’ eliminating harsh shadows and enhancing portrait photos.
  6. Photo Unblur: Google has enhanced ‘Photo Unblur,’ particularly for capturing clear images of pets, while maintaining excellent refocusing capabilities for faces and backgrounds.

The substantial integration of Gemini Nano within the Pixel 8 Pro marks a significant leap in on-device AI capabilities, promising advanced functionalities and enhanced user experiences across various applications.

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