IIT Guwahati Introduces Drone Technology Training Program for Officers in the Armed Forces


The inaugural program of its kind in the country will concentrate on delivering comprehensive training in drone technologies, pilot training, software operations, and applications, as stated by Dean Parameswar K Iyer of IIT Guwahati’s Centre for Drone Technology.

The Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati (IIT-G), has introduced a three-month training program on drone technology for Junior Commissioned Officers (JCOs) and other officers with the aim of modernizing the operations of the armed forces, according to officials. This course is designed not only to enhance participants’ skills in drone technologies, pilot training, and software operations but also to provide them with the knowledge and vision needed for potential careers in the diverse drone industry or as technology entrepreneurs. The inaugural program, the first of its kind in the country, currently has 30 personnel from various armed forces.

Dean Parameswar K Iyer of IITG’s Centre for Drone Technology highlighted the comprehensive training focus, stating, “This first-of-its-kind program in the country will focus on providing exhaustive training on drone technologies, pilot training, software operations, and applications.”

T V Bharat, Head of the Centre for Educational Technology, emphasized that IIT-G is offering a certificate program on drone technology to skill the armed forces and enhance their career opportunities post-retirement, particularly for senior officers. The ongoing training program, facilitated by experienced faculty from different departments and centers, aims to open up diverse opportunities as entrepreneurs or in other technology-based second careers for members of the defense forces.

Implemented by the Centre for Educational Technology, the Centre for Intelligent Cyber-Physical Systems (CICPS), the Centre for Drone Technology, and the IITG Technology Innovation and Development Foundation (IITG TIDF), the program involves theory courses conducted by expert faculties from CICPS and practical training provided by technical members from IITG TIDF. Santosha K Dwivedy, TIDF Project Director, emphasized that the program is crafted to integrate fundamental and practical aspects of drone technology and operations, encompassing both theoretical classroom sessions and hands-on experience.

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