Meta’s AI Chatbot Now Accessible for Select WhatsApp Users: A Guide to Its Functionality


WhatsApp Welcomes Meta’s AI Chatbot, Bringing a Variety of Services from Customer Support to Appointment Scheduling, Alongside a New Feature for Streamlined Status Update Access.

Following an extended period of AI model development, Meta has entered the AI race by incorporating AI capabilities into its products, including Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. The decision comes in response to Google, Microsoft, and OpenAI introducing new features and integrating AI into various services. At the Meta Connect 2023 event, it was announced that WhatsApp would integrate an AI chatbot, initially available to a limited number of users in the United States. The latest WhatsApp beta for Android, as reported by WABetaInfo, features a new shortcut button in the ‘Chats’ section for quick access to the AI chatbot without navigating the conversation list.

This AI chatbot, powered by Meta’s latest large language model research and the Llama 2 model, is designed to assist users in tasks ranging from answering questions about WhatsApp to providing customer support and helping with appointments or reservations. Mark Zuckerberg unveiled the AI chatbot during the Meta Connect event, highlighting its capabilities in tasks such as trip planning, providing recommendations, delivering jokes, settling group chat debates, and serving as a knowledgeable information source. The collaboration with Microsoft’s Bing Chat enhances the chatbot’s capabilities for real-time web results.

Moreover, WhatsApp is introducing a new feature in beta testing, allowing users to filter and view status updates in a vertical list. This enhancement simplifies access to muted status updates without the need to navigate through a separate section. The latest version,, includes this feature for Android beta testers, with some users having access to a “See all” button for quick access to a vertical list of status updates. Additionally, within this section, beta testers can utilize four filters to systematically categorize status updates, providing a convenient way to catch up on all shared content from their contacts.

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