Google Employee Advocates for a Well-Rounded Identity Beyond Work, Shares Five Career Hacks


On LinkedIn, a Google employee emphasized the importance of cultivating an identity beyond one’s job and shared five career hacks she wished she had known before reaching the age of 30

Google, renowned for its employee perks and benefits, has maintained its status as one of the best-paying companies despite significant layoffs. However, according to a Google employee based in Canada, having a corporate job does not mean sacrificing personal identity. In sharing career advice, particularly aimed at those in their 20s, the employee emphasized the importance of cultivating interests outside of the office.

The first career hack highlighted by the Google employee is the learnable skill of negotiation. Initially viewing negotiation as an inherent ability, the author now recognizes it as a skill that can be developed through practice. Starting with small negotiations, such as the price of a coffee or contract terms with a service provider, can build confidence before progressing to more significant negotiations like salary discussions.

The second hack challenges the notion that paying for coaching is only for certain individuals. The employee dispels the belief that coaching is solely for the wealthy or those struggling in their careers, emphasizing its value for anyone seeking career improvement. A good coach can assist in goal identification, plan development, and overcoming challenges, providing valuable support and accountability.

The third hack advocates for self-kindness in the pursuit of goals. Acknowledging mistakes and imperfections is encouraged, along with celebrating even the smallest successes. Taking time to appreciate one’s hard work and dedication is essential.

The fourth hack advises against the pitfalls of comparison with others. Emphasizing that everyone is on a unique journey, the employee encourages individuals to recognize that there is no singular “right” way to navigate their careers.

The fifth and final hack underscores the importance of maintaining an identity, hobby, or skill outside of work. This not only contributes to a more balanced life but also adds depth and interest to one’s personality. Having an outside interest can even enhance career success, as illustrated by the example of a software engineer with a passion for music starting a side hustle developing music production software.

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