NEET UG: Special Stray Vacancy Registration Open for Over 1,000 MBBS Seats


NEET UG 2023 Special Stray Vacancy Counseling Registration Now Open: MCC to Fill Over 1,000 Vacant Seats in MBBS/BDS/BSc Nursing Programs

Registration for the NEET UG 2023 Special Stray Vacancy Counseling is now open, led by the Medical Counseling Committee (MCC) to fill approximately 1,000 vacant seats in MBBS/BDS/BSc Nursing programs. Interested candidates can register for this round on the official website

The registration window remains open until November 5. Candidates can also exercise their preferences and lock them in from November 1 to November 5. The seat allocation results for the NEET UG 2023 Special Stray Vacancy Counseling will be announced on November 7, available on Between November 8 and November 15, students are required to report to their respective colleges.

For those candidates previously assigned seats in the MCC’s Special Stray Vacancy Round, the MCC has entrusted state counseling agencies with overseeing the seat allocation process. It’s worth noting that the registration period for undergraduate courses for the academic year 2023 will conclude with this Special Stray Vacancy Round.

Detailed information about open AIQ seats can be found on the MCC website at As for open state quota seats, candidates should contact state counseling officials as per the official statement.

Important Pre-Registration Procedures for NEET UG Counseling 2023

  1. Access the official website at
  2. Locate and click on the registration link.
  3. Log in using your NEET UG roll number, password, and security pin.
  4. Fill out the application and submit the applicable fees.
  5. Review the application form and save a copy for your records.

Key Information for the Exceptional Stray Vacancies Round

Eligibility Requirements for Participation

The Special Stray Vacancy Round is available for candidates who have never received an allocation in the State Quota or All India Quota.

Participants cannot have previously been offered seats in MCC Round 3 or subsequent rounds but declined them.

Security Deposit Requirement

During the Special Stray Vacancy phase, candidates who decline their allotted seats will forfeit their security deposit and be ineligible to appear for the NEET exam in the following year.

The availability of over 1,000 additional MBBS seats through special stray openings offers aspiring medical students a unique opportunity to pursue their career aspirations. These extra seats have been made possible by the dedicated efforts of our medical counselors, who have opened doors for individuals who may not have had access otherwise. This initiative not only bridges gaps in the healthcare sector but also enables skilled individuals to make a positive contribution to society,” explained Anubhav Garg, a counselor and founder of TAB INDIA. Don’t miss this chance to secure your place in the medical field, as it underscores our commitment to nurturing the next generation of healthcare professionals. Register now to be a part of this life-changing experience.

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