This is the reason behind WhatsApp’s suspension of more than 7.1 million accounts in India during September


In adherence to IT regulations, WhatsApp has addressed more than 7.11 million accounts in India in September 2023

WhatsApp’s latest monthly report for India reveals that in September, the platform took action against 7.11 million accounts, aligning with IT regulations. Out of these, 2.57 million accounts were proactively banned without receiving user reports.

The report details WhatsApp’s responses to concerns raised by Indian users, local account violations, and directives from the Grievance Appellate Committee (GAC). The actions were driven by various concerns, including user complaints, legal violations, and regulatory compliance. From September 1 to September 30, 2023, WhatsApp banned a total of 7,111,000 accounts. Among them, 2,571,000 were proactively banned prior to any user reports. This followed the receipt of 10,442 user reports across categories such as account support (1,031), ban appeals (7,396), other support categories (1,518), product support (370), and safety (127). The report notes that 85 accounts received a response based on the reports they generated.

Regarding safety concerns, the report specifies that WhatsApp addresses or takes action against all received grievances related to potential abuse or harmful behavior on the platform unless they are duplicates of previous complaints.

WhatsApp clarifies that “Accounts Actioned” refers to cases where corrective action was taken in response to a report. This action may involve suspending an account or reinstating a previously banned account based on a complaint.

The report also provides advice on avoiding scams on WhatsApp, including caution against fake job offers, suspicious giveaways, downloading apps from unknown sources, ignoring calls from unknown overseas numbers, and being careful with random links. It further outlines the steps to report WhatsApp accounts, instructing users to open the chat, tap the person’s name, select “Report,” choose the reason, and tap “Send.

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