WhatsApp is set to introduce additional features to enhance its video control


WhatsApp is in the testing phase for a new feature that grants users increased control over video playback within the app, resembling the playback controls seen on YouTube

In recent WhatsApp updates, Meta appears to be prioritizing user preferences. From features like blocking screenshots in view once mode to enabling 31 participants in group calls, these additions have proven beneficial for individuals and WhatsApp businesses. Continuing in this direction, WhatsApp is currently experimenting with a new feature designed to offer users enhanced control over video playback within the app. This feature aims to allow users to easily rewind and fast-forward videos without relying on the progress bar, akin to the playback controls found on YouTube.

As per reports from WABetaInfo, a website tracking the latest WhatsApp developments, the new video playback controls enable users to skip forward and backward by 10 seconds. These controls are presently accessible only to beta testers of WhatsApp for Android 2.23.24 but are expected to roll out to all users in future app updates. While an exact release date remains unspecified, once implemented, these controls will streamline the process of navigating to crucial segments in a video compared to using the progress bar.

In addition to the video playback control feature, WhatsApp is working on a privacy-oriented “Alternate Profile” feature. This functionality conceals details such as the profile photo and allows users to set a distinct photo and name for contacts not on their contact list.

As explained by WABetaInfo, the Alternate Profile feature will integrate into users’ profile photo privacy settings. Users can set a different profile photo and name for specific contacts while keeping their primary profile information hidden from others. Although the Alternate Profile feature is still in development and not yet available to beta testers, it may be introduced in a future app update. When launched, users can utilize the Alternate Profile feature by navigating to Settings > Privacy > Profile Photo, selecting “My Contacts” for restricting primary profile visibility, creating an alternate profile with a different photo and name, and adjusting settings to ensure visibility only to desired users. This feature will prove valuable for individuals seeking greater control over their information, allowing them to limit profile sharing to a selected audience.

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