YouTube Blocks Ad Blockers, Offers Two Options: Subscribe to Premium or View Ads


YouTube is cracking down on ad blockers, indicating users either need to allow ads or purchase a YouTube Premium subscription.

Displeased with ads on YouTube? Your only alternative now is to purchase the premium plan. YouTube is taking a firm stance against users employing ad blockers with free YouTube services. If detected using an ad blocker, YouTube will block content access consistently. While YouTube heavily relies on advertising revenue, many users are reluctant to pay for a subscription, which is why they resort to ad blockers. This poses a challenge for YouTube in generating revenue, further complicating Google’s video streaming platform.

YouTube has opted to discontinue tolerating users who utilize ad blockers. Reports suggest the company is intensifying its efforts to combat ad blockers on a global scale. It has initiated a concerted campaign to encourage users to either allow ads or explore YouTube Premium. Several Reddit users have even reported receiving notifications from YouTube on every video they watch while their ad blockers remain active.

One such notification reads, “Video playback will be blocked after 3 videos – It appears that you may be using an ad blocker. Video playback will be blocked unless YouTube is allowed or the ad blocker is disabled,” as depicted in a screenshot shared by a Reddit user.

The notification further emphasizes YouTube’s position on ad blockers. The company had previously confirmed the disabling of videos for users employing ad blockers in June. Now, it is reportedly taking it a step further by preventing certain videos from playing when ad blockers are enabled.

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