Stanford University’s AI Index Report 2023 Declares India as a Global Leader in AI Skill Penetration


Amitabh Kant, Former CEO of NITI Aayog, Expresses Optimism Regarding India’s Advancements in AI, Citing a New Report

Stanford University’s AI Index Report 2023 has unveiled India’s prominent role in the global Artificial Intelligence (AI) revolution. The report highlights India as a global leader in AI skills, boasting the highest AI skill penetration rates worldwide. Furthermore, in 2022, Indian software developers made substantial contributions, accounting for approximately 24.2 percent of AI projects hosted on GitHub.

Amitabh Kant, the former CEO of NITI Aayog, expressed his optimism regarding India’s progressive strides in the field of AI, drawing inspiration from this new report. He affirmed that India’s brightest minds are shaping the trajectory of AI and employing it to address global challenges, encompassing sectors such as health, education, and nutrition. In a tweet, he stated, ‘India’s brightest minds are at the forefront of Artificial Intelligence (AI) development, channeling its applications towards tackling global challenges in health, education, and nutrition. In the sixth edition of the AI Index Report by Stanford, India emerged as the leader in AI skill penetration rates.’

AI Skill Penetration:

The AI skill penetration rate, measured by LinkedIn, gauges the prevalence of various AI-related skills in various job roles. As of 2022, India claimed the highest AI skill penetration rate at 3.2, followed by the United States at 2.2, and Germany at 1.7. Kant stressed the importance of ensuring that this talent pool has access to reliable data and computing power, envisioning India as a burgeoning hub for AI research.

GitHub Projects:

GitHub serves as a repository for software projects, encompassing source code, documentation, configuration files, and images. Since 2011, the number of AI-related GitHub projects has witnessed substantial growth, surging from 1,536 in 2011 to 347,934 in 2022. Notably, in 2022, a significant share of GitHub AI projects, amounting to 24.2 percent, was contributed by Indian software developers. Following India, the European Union and the United Kingdom accounted for 17.3 percent, and the United States for 14.0 percent of the contributions. The proportion of American GitHub AI projects has exhibited a decline since 2016.

Kant further emphasized, ‘As of 2022, a substantial percentage of AI projects on GitHub found their origin in contributions from Indian software developers (24.2 percent). While harnessing this talent pool, we must facilitate access to dependable data and computing resources, ultimately cementing India’s status as a hub for AI research

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