Elon Musk Announces Upcoming Launch of Two New X Premium Subscriptions: Details and Benefits Revealed


Elon Musk’s Twitter Announcement: X Prepares to Introduce Two Fresh X Premium Subscription Tiers, One More Affordable and the Other Higher-Priced

On Friday, Elon Musk took to Twitter to announce that X is preparing to introduce two new tiers of its premium subscription plans. While the exact launch timeline remains undisclosed, Musk did share that one of these new plans will be priced more affordably than the existing ones, whereas the other will come at a higher cost. The affordable X Premium subscription will continue to display ads, while the more expensive option will provide an ad-free experience for subscribers.

This development aligns with a recent Bloomberg report, which indicated that X CEO Linda Yaccarino had discussions with lenders regarding the segmentation of the X Premium subscription model into Basic, Standard, and Plus plans. The teased subscription plans are likely to correspond to the Basic and Plus plans, with the existing plan serving as the Standard. As Musk announced, only Plus subscribers will enjoy an ad-free X experience, while Basic and Standard subscribers will still encounter ads in their timelines, though fewer than non-subscribers.

Several details are yet to be clarified about these new subscription plans, including their availability in India and whether they will encompass both the mobile and web app. Historically, X Premium plans have featured lower pricing for the web/desktop app compared to the subscription plans for the mobile app, be it on Android or iOS.

Furthermore, these X Premium subscription plans appear to target individual users rather than organizations. In India, the annual X Premium subscription for the desktop app is priced at Rs 6,800, with a monthly option at Rs 650. For the X mobile app, the annual subscription stands at Rs 9,400, and the monthly plan costs Rs 900.

The current subscription plans offer benefits like priority placement in conversations and search results, text formatting for posts, longer video uploads, support for 1080p videos, the widely-requested edit button, the ability to create bookmark folders, and early access to new features. While these plans don’t eliminate ads, X promises subscribers “twice as many posts between ads” in the For You and Following timelines.

This announcement follows closely after X revealed its testing of a new model in New Zealand and the Philippines, involving a minimal premium of $1 a year to access features like reposting and replying on tweets, which are currently free for all users. X clarified that this isn’t a revenue model but rather an experiment to combat the presence of bots on the platform.

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