Amazon Grants Managers the Authority to Terminate Employees Who Fail to Attend the Office Three Times a Week


Reportedly, Amazon Strengthens Its Return-to-Office Policy, Allowing Managers to Consider Employee Termination for Non-Compliance with the Three-Times-a-Week Office Attendance Requirement, Reflecting Amazon’s Intention to Enforce the Policy More Strictly

Amazon is reportedly intensifying its return-to-office policy, granting managers the potential authority to terminate employees who do not meet the requirement of three-days-a-week office attendance. This stringent measure aligns with Amazon’s goal of enforcing its return-to-office policy more rigorously. Here’s everything we know about the situation.

According to reports from Insider, Amazon has revised its global manager guidance concerning the return-to-office policy. These guidelines, disseminated through an internal portal, provide managers with instructions on how to address employees who do not comply with the three-day-a-week office mandate. The source cited reports that Amazon is affording managers the discretion to terminate employees who fail to meet the company’s three-times-a-week return-to-office mandate effectively. However, the new policy does not necessitate immediate termination for non-compliance. Instead, it outlines a three-step process.

In the first step, managers are instructed to have a private conversation with non-compliant employees and document this interaction in a follow-up email. If non-compliance persists and the employee refuses to return to the office, a second meeting is to be conducted within a reasonable timeframe, typically one to two weeks. During this second meeting, managers are directed to emphasize the job’s requirement of returning to the office at least three days a week and warn that continued non-compliance without a valid reason may lead to disciplinary action, including termination.

The final step involves the involvement of a human resources representative who may issue a written warning or take other actions, ultimately culminating in termination if non-compliance continues. This represents a significant step taken by Amazon to ensure adherence to its return-to-office policy.

Amazon’s initial return-to-office policy mandated that corporate employees come into the office at least three times a week, effective from May. This policy was further reinforced in July, with remote employees being instructed to relocate near office “hubs.” Those who declined to relocate were offered a “voluntary resignation” package. In September, Amazon began sharing individual attendance records with employees, a departure from its previous policy of tracking anonymized data. This more assertive stance underscores Amazon’s commitment to bringing employees back to the office, aligning with its broader return-to-work strategy.

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