YouTube Unveils a New Watch Page for News Stories, Enhancing User Access to Credible News Content


Google’s aim with the new YouTube watch page is to facilitate the discovery of trustworthy news and informational videos for its video platform users.

YouTube is introducing a new News Story feature for mobile devices, simplifying the process for users to discover and view news content. Similar to Google’s news feed, this YouTube feature will suggest news videos based on a user’s viewing history and recommend news articles and text-based content.

This development aligns with Google’s broader initiative to transform its video platform into a comprehensive hub for reliable news and information. The YouTube News Story feature offers an immersive experience, showcasing pertinent long-form news videos, live streams, podcasts, and Shorts videos beneath the currently playing content. In an official blog post, YouTube announced, “We’re introducing an immersive watch page experience for news stories on YouTube. The news watch page will aggregate content from authoritative sources, spanning video on demand, live streams, podcasts, and Shorts, enabling viewers to delve into multiple sources and perspectives, all on a single watch page, offering long-form video, live coverage, and Shorts for quick updates.”

In demonstrating how the News Story feature functions, YouTube provided a brief video demo. When a user opens a news video, the feature presents a list of related videos organized into categories such as ‘Latest updates,’ ‘Explanations and commentary,’ ‘Live news,’ and ‘Shorts.’ Furthermore, the feature recommends videos from major news publishers like The Associated Press, Sky News, and CBS Evening News.

Users can access the News Story feature by clicking on a video with the newspaper icon on the homepage or in search results. The feature will be progressively rolled out for mobile users in approximately 40 countries, with desktop and living room integration to follow.

Concurrently, YouTube is investing $1.6 million to encourage news organizations to create short-form news content for its Shorts platform. Collaborating with over 20 news outlets in 10 countries, YouTube aims to catalyze the development of short-form news content. This investment is part of YouTube’s broader strategy to enhance its platform’s status as a comprehensive source for news and information, as it recognizes the growing significance of news content and strives to make it more accessible and engaging for users.

It is noteworthy that Google is making a significant investment in delivering authoritative news content on YouTube, especially at a time when other platforms are becoming less enthusiastic about promoting news from traditional mainstream sources. Meta, for instance, has declared that it will not actively promote news content on its Threads app, emphasizing that it won’t take steps to highlight news content. Similarly, Elon Musk’s platform, X (formerly Twitter), has eliminated headlines from shared articles and dismantled its journalist verification system, reflecting a diminished focus on news content

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