Meta Suggests Monthly Subscription to Access Instagram and Facebook Ad-Free – Here’s the Information


Meta has purportedly put forward a monthly subscription fee proposal for an ad-free experience on Instagram and Facebook. According to the plan, users in Europe might be charged approximately $14 (around Rs 1,165) per month. However, there is currently no information regarding the Indian market

In a proactive response to evolving regulatory environments and shifting user preferences, Meta has reportedly presented a proposal for a monthly subscription fee to access Instagram and Facebook without advertisements. According to reports from the Wall Street Journal, under this initiative, users in Europe may face a monthly charge of approximately $14 (roughly Rs 1,165) for an ad-free experience on these platforms. As of now, there is no information available regarding Asian markets, including India. Nevertheless, it’s a speculative prediction that the Indian government might follow suit in the near future if the subscription fee gains approval in Europe on privacy grounds. These details follow below.

Meta has communicated this potential strategy to privacy regulators in Ireland, digital competition authorities in Brussels, and European Union privacy regulators. This decision comes on the heels of Meta being categorized as a ‘gatekeeper’ under the EU’s newly introduced Digital Markets Act, a legislation aimed at curtailing the influence of tech behemoths. Among its provisions, this act prohibits companies from merging users’ personal data across their different services, while imposing additional restrictions.

The European Union has been actively working to enact more stringent regulations for major tech corporations, with a primary focus on safeguarding the online rights of European users and fostering competition in an industry dominated by American giants.

According to the cited source, Meta is contemplating a subscription fee of approximately 10 euros, equivalent to $10.46, per month for users who wish to access Facebook or Instagram without ads on desktop devices. For users with multiple accounts, an additional fee of around 6 euros per account might apply. However, for users on mobile devices, the subscription cost could increase to approximately 13 euros per month. This hike is attributed to the commissions levied by Apple’s and Google’s app stores on in-app payments, which Meta intends to absorb.

Meta has informed regulators that it intends to introduce the subscription plan, known as the “no ads” or SNA plan, for European users in the coming months. This move will provide users with the choice to either continue using Facebook and Instagram with personalized ads or opt for an ad-free experience by paying for the service. It remains uncertain whether regulators in Ireland or Brussels will deem Meta’s SNA plan compliant with EU regulations, according to the outlet.

In response to inquiries, a Meta spokesperson affirmed the company’s commitment to providing free services supported by personalized ads. However, the company is open to exploring alternatives that align with the “evolving regulatory requirements.

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