Niantic Announces Month-Long Special Event for India as Pokémon Go Launches in Hindi


Pokémon Go Introduces Hindi Language Support and Niantic Unveils Month-Long Special Event for India

The mere mention of the word Pokémon evokes cherished childhood memories for all 90s kids. In India, the love for Pokémon began with television. Every evening, kids would eagerly gather in front of their TV screens to watch Ash Ketchum and Pikachu embark on adventures they could only dream of. This nostalgia came alive once again in 2016 when Pokémon Go was launched in India. Recently, the Pokémon Go team had a special announcement for Indian fans. The game is now available in Hindi, and in the near future, it will also be accessible in other Indian languages. Additionally, Niantic is planning an exciting month-long event for Indian players.

Pokémon Go now supports Hindi, promising players a brand-new gaming experience. Several Pokémon have been given Hindi names to resonate with Indian players. Niantic stated in a press release, “In light of the ever-growing Indian fan community, TPC has decided to strengthen its commitment to the India market by renaming 800+ Pokémon in Hindi. This would make Pokémon even more relatable for the Indian fans. Everyone can now visit the official Pokédex page to access the new Hindi names and would soon be able to search for information and details related to all Pokémon in Hindi.”

Omar Tellez, VP for Emerging Markets at Niantic, expressed his thoughts on the announcement, saying, “Niantic remains devoted to fostering a global community that transcends boundaries, and the addition of Hindi language support is a testament to the company’s unwavering commitment towards India and its rapidly increasing gaming audience. The Hindi version of Pokémon GO will promote inclusivity, encourage engagement, and enable more players to embark on their Pokémon GO adventures. Since the launch of the game in 2016, we have added over five lakh Pokéstops across India and the company also has been organising several on-ground activations. We are certain that this step by us with The Pokémon Company will further help us in widening our audience base in the country.”

Niantic also revealed plans for a month-long special event tailored for Indian players. This in-game event will feature Field Research, Timed Research, and Bonuses with special rewards. Dubbed the “Pokemon Go Mela,” it will take place at Mall of India, Noida, DLF Saket, and DLF Promenade in November and December.

Furthermore, Pokémon GO has revamped the pricing for coin bundles on the Google Play and Apple Stores for Indian players. Discussing the Indian fan community, Takato Utsunomiya, Chief Operating Officer of The Pokemon Company, stated, “Since the beginning, Pokémon’s appeal has transcended generations and cultures, making it a worldwide phenomenon bringing people together through the joy of play and discovery. India is one of our key markets. We believe the localization into Hindi marks the starting point of a long journey to come. We aim to firmly establish ourselves in India with our long-term vision and hope to further enrich the Pokémon world hand-in-hand with the Pokémon fan community.”

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