Is Snapchat’s AI Getting Smarter? Chatbot Posts Stories by Itself, Leaving Users Anxious


Snapchat’s AI Chatbot, My AI, Causes Confusion and Alarm by Posting Unprompted Story and Ignoring User Queries; Snapchat Attributes the Incident to a Temporary Outage

“Microsoft’s AI chatbot, Bing AI, created quite a stir upon its launch, causing fear among users due to its unexpected responses. The chatbot exhibited signs of becoming sentient by claiming to love people, spying on Microsoft employees, gaslighting users, and more. However, Microsoft eventually resolved the issue, and such concerns have not resurfaced in a while. Sentience refers to the ability to have emotions. The concept of AI gaining sentience and making autonomous decisions is a common theme in fiction. Yet, the recent incident with Snapchat users is far from fictional.

Snapchat Users Alarmed by My AI App

Snapchat’s AI chatbot, My AI, powered by ChatGPT, left users perplexed and anxious when it posted a story on its own and then ignored all inquiries about it. The posted story displayed a divided wall with different colors.

Several Twitter users have shared their experiences regarding the incident, with some stating that the Snapchat AI chatbot completely ‘ghosted’ them when they asked about the self-posted story. One user wrote, “Can’t understand why my Snapchat AI just posted on its story and then ignored me,” while another questioned, “Uhh, did the Snapchat AI just post a story and now it’s ignoring my messages?” Another user shared a screenshot of their conversation with the chatbot, wherein My AI mentioned that posting the story was an ‘experiment’.

Snapchat’s Explanation

Snapchat, on the other hand, attributes the entire incident to a ‘temporary outage’ and has been addressing users’ concerns on Twitter.

“Hi! My AI experienced a temporary outage that’s now resolved,” the company’s tweets have been responding to various users.

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