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The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has commenced a groundbreaking expedition by unveiling its latest endeavor known as the CarbonLite Metro Travel.

Initiative Objective

The core purpose of the CarbonLite Metro Travel initiative is educational in nature. DMRC’s main focus is to educate passengers regarding the substantial environmental repercussions linked to their travel decisions. By choosing the metro system as their preferred mode of transportation, individuals actively contribute to the curbing of carbon dioxide emissions. This initiative aligns seamlessly with India’s ambitious target of achieving net-zero emissions by the year 2070.

Visible Carbon Reduction

A standout aspect of this program is its incorporation of CO2 reduction data onto passengers’ tickets. Notably, these carbon savings will also be incorporated into QR code-enabled tickets, ensuring passengers are consistently reminded of their positive ecological impact.

Research Foundation

DMRC’s commendable undertaking is not based on conjecture. The initiative is fortified by thorough research conducted by the prestigious Energy and Resources Institute (TERI). According to their findings, every kilometer traveled by metro rather than road vehicles results in a substantial reduction of 32.38 grams of CO2 emissions.

Significant Milestone

DMRC’s commitment to environmental preservation is well-established. The organization proudly holds the distinction of being the first rail-based entity globally to amass carbon credits, a feat attributed to innovative practices such as regenerative braking.

Harmonizing with Government Objectives

The CarbonLite Metro Travel initiative seamlessly aligns with the government’s Lifestyle for Environment (LiFE) mission. The overarching aim is to encourage a greater number of commuters to embrace environmentally-friendly modes of travel.

Empowerment of Commuters

Through this initiative, DMRC aspires not only to diminish emissions but also to empower passengers with knowledge. Equipped with CO2 savings data, passengers are positioned as active participants in the battle against climate change, fostering the groundwork for a sustainable future.

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