Upcoming Appointment of Guards in All MCD Schools to Ensure Children’s Safety

Courtesy by Hindustan times

Enhancing Student Safety: Imminent Appointment of Guards and Data Entry Operators in MCD Schools to Alleviate Teachers from Non-Academic Responsibilities

In a bid to ensure the safety and security of students enrolled in MCD schools, comprehensive measures are being taken. Guards are soon to be appointed across all schools, while the recruitment of data entry operators will relieve teachers from non-academic duties.

Delhi Mayor Dr. Shelly Oberoi has reassured teachers that a dedicated transfer portal for teachers will be unveiled shortly. Swift resolution of outstanding arrears owed to teachers is also a priority. The concerns of long-serving contract teachers within the corporation will receive due attention. An issue flagged by teachers pertains to the non-deposition of NPS deduction funds into the NPS Fund for nearly a year. Addressing this, the Mayor has directed zonal offices to furnish a detailed report. Additionally, the Mayor has expressed intentions to establish libraries and smart classrooms in schools, utilizing CSR funds after consultations with officials from The Indian Bank. The Mayor earnestly urged all teachers to impart wholehearted education to students in MCD schools and contribute unwaveringly to the holistic development of the children.

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