Online KEAM from the Upcoming Year


Thiruvananthapuram: The government has issued an order to administer the Kerala Entrance Examination (KEAM) for admissions to engineering and pharmacy courses in a computer-based online format starting from the next academic year (2023-24). This exam is attended by more than a hundred thousand students annually. The Higher Education Department has released this directive subsequent to approving the recommendation put forth by Commissioner Inpashekhar, who oversees the entrance examination process.

The Commissioner’s recommendation suggests transitioning from the current format, in which the examination consists of two papers, to a single three-hour paper. Students will have two opportunities to take the exam, once in January and again in May. The highest score from these attempts will be used for ranking purposes. In contrast to the previous practice of considering raw scores, the decision has been made to adopt the percentage scoring method utilized in national entrance examinations across India.

Furthermore, a distinct entrance exam for pharmacy admissions has also been proposed. Currently, the admission process for engineering and pharmacy courses involves a pen-and-paper exam based on Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) technology, encompassing two papers. However, the transition to a computer-based format will necessitate the exam being conducted in multiple batches. Consequently, the application of rigorous standardization techniques is imperative to formulate the final ranking list.”

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