Two Indian restaurants in World’s Top 50 Restaurants list



This year’s World’s Top 50 Restaurants list is special for so many reasons. One of the many reasons is that two restaurants serving Indian cuisine have been named in this list. While the other reason is that it’s the first time that a restaurant with a female chef has earned the top spot and the first time a restaurant outside of Europe or the United States has won.So, this year’s list is in the news for so many reasons.
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The awards were announced on June 20 in the Spanish city of Valencia at the City of Arts and Sciences, a collection of futuristic spaces designed by renowned architect Santiago Calatrava. And it’s the much-awaited and most prestigious list in the entire world that aims to assess and rank the culinary offerings from around the globe. Topping the list is Central in Lima, Peru which was followed by Disfrutar in Barcelona and Diverxo in Madrid.These two Indian restaurants that have been named in this list are Tresind Studio and Gaggan Anand at numbers 11 and 17 respectively. But, the surprising factor is that none of these restaurants are located in India.

Based in Dubai, Tresind Studio describes itself as “The only Indian Two Michelin-starred restaurant in the UAE that offers a uniquely captivating dining experience, challenging common perceptions of Indian cuisine by showcasing flavours both new and familiar through a creative lens.”

On the other hand, Gaggan Anand is a fine dining restaurant in Bangkok that serves progressive Indian cuisine. It was previously named Gaggan and has won Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants award multiple times. As per reports, with this recognition he has also been mentioned for the creativity his menu offers such as emojis to represent the courses or for dishes that encourage diners to eat with their hands or even lick the plate.


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