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NEW DELHI: In a shocking turn of events, Indian wrestler Vinesh Phogat has unleashed a scathing attack on fellow wrestler Yogeshwar Dutt, accusing him of being a spineless lackey of outgoing Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) president Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh. The heated exchange comes after Dutt questioned the exemption granted to Phogat and five others from the Asian Games and World Championships trials.
Phogat did not mince her words when she took to Twitter to express her disappointment, stating, “The whole wrestling world understood that Yogeshwar was eating leftovers from Brij Bhushan’s plate. If anyone raises their voice against injustice in society, then Yogeshwar definitely vomits.”
Vinesh Phogat, a double Asian Games and triple Commonwealth Games gold medalist, further labelled Dutt as a Brij Bhushan lackey and someone who has betrayed his own fraternity.

“Wrestling world will always remember you for licking the feet of Brij Bhushan. As long as a Jaichand like Yogeshwar remains in wrestling, surely the spirits of the oppressors will remain high,” she wrote, referencing the historical figure of Kanauj King Jaichand, known for his betrayal.
The animosity between the two wrestlers intensified as Phogat levelled allegations of deplorable behaviour towards female wrestlers against Dutt. She claimed that Dutt attempted to mentally disintegrate the complainants during the oversight panel hearings.
“When I heard Yogeshwar Dutt’s ugly laugh, it stuck in my mind. He was a part of both the committees formed to probe allegations. When women wrestlers were narrating their ordeals in front of the committee members, he used to laugh,” Phogat expressed.

Phogat went on to accuse Dutt of pressuring female wrestlers to drop charges against Singh, making unsavoury remarks about the Indian Army, students, and individuals from minority communities. She further alleged that Dutt leaked the names of the women complainants to Singh and the media, and even called their family members to ask them to keep their daughters under control.
Vinesh Phogat, not holding back, declared, “Because of betraying the society, you have fallen on your face twice in the elections. And I challenge that you will never win an election in your life because society is always careful of poisonous snakes and never lets them set foot.”
Phogat concluded her statement with a warning to Dutt, emphasising the indomitable spirit of women wrestlers. She cautioned him against attempting to break their mental fortitude, as they cannot be defeated by an “insensitive person” like him. “Don’t apply force to break women wrestlers’ resolve; they have very strong intent. You might end up with a broken back. You have already put your spine at Brij Bhushan’s feet. You are a very insensitive person who is flattering a tyrant,” she added.
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